Taurus Model 415 Total Titanium

Taurus Model 415 Total Titanium

With model 415 the .41 Magnum protection is available in a drop hammer forged compact frame. Combine that with the Taurus Ribber Grip, and practice sessions at the range will be more pleasant, even with this potent load. The Model 415 holds 5 rounds and features the Taurus Security System, yoke detent and full length ejector rod.

Taurus first stunned the marketplace with the introduction of the 415 stainless and total titanium concept. Yes a revolver made entirely out of titanium, except of course for a few little things like grips and the pivoting surfaces. In a market place where the competitors were only using titanium in the cylinder, Taurus provided a Cylinder, barrel, and frame of titanium.
The most obvious benefit, that is immediately visible to those that have had the pleasure to shoot one of these new generation of revolvers, is the fact that the barrel is ported. The titanium that Taurus utilizes can handle the hot gasses of a fired cartridge unlike other products that utilize aluminum for the barrel shroud.

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Typ: Revolver
Výrobca: Taurus
Vyrábaný: 1999-2003
Country: Brazil
Krajina: Brazília
Model: Taurus Model 415 Total Titanium
Action: revolving chamber
Funkcia: revolving chamber
Kaliber: .41 Remington Magnum
Spúšť: double-action only (DAO)
Zásobník: 5
Sights: fixed blade
Mieridlá: fixné predné
Safety: trigger actuated transfer bar
Poistka: spúšťou ovládaná prenosová závora
Frame: titanium
Rám: titánium
Grips: black rubber
Pažba: čierna guma
Dĺžka hlavne: 2.5
Celková dĺžka: 7.125
Výška: 5.1
Šírka: 1.531
Hmotnosť: 20.9

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